Cemech Wall Putty

Cemech Wall Putty is A modernized wall putty With Water resistant capability and can be applied on both interior and exterior walls and ceilings.

Cemech Wallputty is based on white cement and ideal for concrete and mortar walls. It is applied before painting. Being a cementitious material, it has better adhesiveness and durability with concrete walls.

What Makes Cemech Wall Putty The Best?

It is Based on superior white cement and does not require any water curing.

Doesn't need any kind of primer on it before application of paint / distemper thus saving time & cost

It prevents the growth of algae and fungi on walls

It provides a protective base to your expensive paints.

Being pure white and smooth, it brings out the true tone / shade of the expensive paint applied over it.

Its superior water resisiting property prevents the paint from flaking even if the wall are damp and it also reduces the painting consumption by 15-20 percent.

We are recommended 320 number Emery sheet

Technical Details

Nature White in Powder Form
Base White Portland cement and natural minerals
Colour White
Finish Smooth Finish
Mode of Application Trowel, Putty Knife / Blade
Drying Time 4 Hours under normal climatic conditions
Recoating Period 6 to 8 Hours
Potlife To be used within 01 hour after mixing